December 19, 2011

One week left!

Since my sons were little lads they have always wanted to decorate the Christmas tree with me. Every year I fall for the same good intentions and every year, guess who is left half way up a ladder with the bag of tinsel? Their dismal attention span to the task in hand is as much a family tradition as our Christmas pudding. I actually love the ritual of dressing our annual tree with the kids lounging around, playing on their cell phones and throwing out words of wisdom of where the decorations should go. To me it means the kick off to the holiday season.

I love decorating my tree. It is a wonderful challenge to create a different look each year and yet incorporate some of your favorite ornaments. There are also all the pieces the kids have made when they were small which are now a little tired and threadbare but that’s what the back of the tree is for!

So how do you update your tree each year and create a new look? I get asked this question by so many people. I design my holiday collection for Canadian Tire to reflect some of the latest trends that can still work with the ornaments you already have. This year I have designed 6 different themes which you can use to embellish what you have or to dress a whole new tree – maybe a second tree in the dining room or even one in a child’s room.

Here are the six wonderful looks that anyone can incorporate into their own décor.

· For the nostalgic “granny” homespun look: You’re in luck this season—the looks you love are on-trend! Add ornaments with hand-crafted details like rickrack, stitching, sweater knits, buttons, and patchwork to your base of traditional red, green, and white baubles. (see image #1)

· For the classic “ivory and gold” decorator: Update your tree with tree with woodland creatures and ornaments made out of wood and natural materials—the unexpected juxtaposition of natural looks against elegant gold details creates a new sophisticated tree. (see image #2)

· For families with young kids (or for kids of all ages!): My favorite trend for the season— gingerbread and cookie shapes, frosting details, and fun holiday icons. Mixing these ornaments with bright red, green, and blue baubles really creates a unique, eye-catching tree. (see image #3)

· For my glamorous girlfriends: Bring out your inner diva with oversized gems, feathered and bejeweled birds, and exotic detailed ornaments. These layer on perfectly over wine and jeweled toned baubles. (see image #4)

· For my teenaged nieces: A sweet holiday look, filled with enchantment and dreams: butterflies, vintage inspired details, and cherished baubles. (see image #5)

· For the modern, minimalist decorator: Break out of the silver only rut and add in the hottest colour for this season: deep cobalt blue. The look is so dramatic, but still modern. (see image #6)

These decorations can also be used for dressing your festive dining table and even the back of the chairs.

Merry Christmas everyone, and happy decorating!

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