September 29, 2014
Two shades of metallic paint are mixed with glaze to create realistic steel panels in a modern condo.

Dear Debbie,

I am tempted to try to use metallic paint that I have seen in the store, but before I buy it I’d like to know more about it. Do I dilute the paint? Do I use regular paint tools? Can I apply it over wood or on a wall?


Dear Kit,

Metallic paint is just as versatile as regular paint and has many exciting decorative possibilities...

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September 22, 2014

Setting up a living space that welcomes you home and nourishes your soul is an ongoing and evolving process. Our ideas of what looks great and feels right on the home front broaden with the experiences we have, the places we see, our jobs and the special people with whom we share the space.

When industrial design began to insinuate itself into residential quarters, it felt like the polar opposite of traditional and country styles … how could it ever work, except for the artsy types that lived in an urban loft? But we evolved. With the guidelines of recycle, renew and reuse a mainstay of modern life, reclaimed wood, architectural salvage, iron and galvanized metals are among the hottest of decorative materials today. 


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September 15, 2014
The Brooklyn TV Bookcase allows you to say goodbye to your TV by sliding book shelves into place.

Dear Debbie;


We have purchased a condo unit after 25 years in a house and want to start fresh with furnishings. We have always liked French style and are looking for pieces that will work in a smaller space but still look fabulous. What would you suggest? Thank you,


Dear Francoise;

The secret to success when furnishing a small space is to choose pieces that are multi-functional. Due to downsizing that has become a huge trend, we are seeing a broad selection of furnishings that meet the requirements of versatility and style...

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