August 24, 2015
Annie Sloan's take on vintage floral style features the rose pattern in both faded and brilliant colours.

Pretty, romantic, comfortable — bring timeless beauty to your home with interior design tips from Annie Sloan’s book on vintage floral style....(read more)

August 17, 2015
Look again — those bikes on the wall are just an illusion, part of a wallpaper designed by Ink Shuffle.

Design guru Debbie Travis offers some advice for bringing some warmth and coziness to industrial lofts....(read more)

August 10, 2015
Made from inexpensive craft store materials, this crafter’s take on a dream catcher is an easy project for any age.

New book by Tana Smith offers inexpensive ways to liven up a drab room, such as a dream catcher or a motivational poster...(read more)