November 17, 2014
Multiple pairing choices allow you to create your own dining table style with Crate & Barrel’s wide selection of bases and tops.

Dear Debbie,


About six months ago we moved into a small home and are furnishing it in stages. My partner and I like the rustic look, but I have noticed that too much wood makes the house feel even smaller. Our latest challenge is finding a dining table. It seems simple enough, but we have a small budget. Any ideas?

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November 3, 2014

I’m often asked how best to go about decorating for men. It can be a conundrum. Men know what they don’t like, or what they are not supposed to like, but when put to the test, are not so sure of what they do like. If you are battling with this decorating dilemma, there is a clever way around it. (This works for women too.) Look in his closet. How does he dress? Check out his suits, ties, shirts and sweaters. If he likes to wear it, he’ll want to live in it. There is a comfort level in decorating, as there is in the way we dress. Colours and fabrics that we are drawn to are those that personify our lifestyle choices.


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October 27, 2014

Dear Debbie;

I am thinking about painting the ceiling in my daughter’s bedroom. She would like stars that twinkle. I am a novice painter, is this too difficult for me to take on? What’s the best way to make the stars? I really need your help. Thanks.


Dear Fiona,

You can do this. Enlist the help of a friend as painting a ceiling can literally be a pain in the neck...

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