February 23, 2015
The Glass Studio
Windows are an architectural blessing. However, when that view has become compromised, it is possible to create a fresh image by installing a stained glass window.

One of the most common challenges that I am asked to address by readers is what to do about windows. It may be that they have windows that are an awkward shape, or placed too high or too low. Others have too many windows, or too few. Should you always cover windows with draperies? Or blinds? Or when can you leave them bare? There are a variety of solutions depending on your need for privacy and light, as well as the architecture and style of your home....(read more)

February 16, 2015

Dear Debbie,

We have decided to rip up our carpets and put down hardwood floors. It’s a big investment and we want them to last a long time. There are so many choices of colours and even the size of the planks. Have you any suggestions? Thanks.

Dan and Allie

Dear Dan and Allie,

Over the last 15 years, we have seen a big swing from wall to wall carpets to wood flooring. Engineered floors, floors that could be laid down without nails or glue, bamboo, cork, all the hard and soft woods, have become familiar and accessible, and there are so many options it is difficult to settle on one......(read more)