September 15, 2014
The Brooklyn TV Bookcase allows you to say goodbye to your TV by sliding book shelves into place.

Dear Debbie;


We have purchased a condo unit after 25 years in a house and want to start fresh with furnishings. We have always liked French style and are looking for pieces that will work in a smaller space but still look fabulous. What would you suggest? Thank you,


Dear Francoise;

The secret to success when furnishing a small space is to choose pieces that are multi-functional. Due to downsizing that has become a huge trend, we are seeing a broad selection of furnishings that meet the requirements of versatility and style...

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September 1, 2014
Aman Canal Grande hotel’s historical décor shows the magical union of east meets west, one we can all share.

We are fortunate today to have so many inspirational designs, styles and all their essential elements literally at our fingertips. We have unlimited access to architecture and decoration from around the world through the Internet, magazines and books. There is nothing like physically being in another country and culture, soaking up the ambience and the history first hand. But while travelling the world is not always an option, reading and viewing photographs is available for everyone....(read more)

August 25, 2014

Dear Debbie,


We are redecorating an older home that has less-than-perfect walls. I have read about your paint techniques that can camouflage dents and cracks, but what about wallpaper? Our style is modern and I don’t think textured paint finishes would work here.


Dear Sandra,


The paint techniques that camouflage imperfections are typically ones that suit styles that incorporate frescoes, marbling effects or layers of shading (aging techniques) that break up the solid surface to such an extent that the mars on the wall almost become invisible, or simply don’t matter. These are a great solution for rooms that are Victorian, Italian Renaissance or other styles that suit aged or complex patterns. Modern rooms call for simpler techniques. You can texture your walls, but with a more contemporary pattern. That’s where the new textured wallpapers come in. Of particular interest are the paintable wallpapers, as you can paint them any colour that fits your decor. 

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