July 27, 2015
Emser’s porcelain parquet tiles take this traditional pattern to a new level of versatility.

Flooring is a key element in home decor. We all have our personal favourites, and they often tie in with the trends of the day. But floors are a major expense and decisions must last for years. Keeping budget in mind and considering the longevity of your choices, it’s of great interest to follow what those in the know have to say about present and future flooring trends....(read more)

July 20, 2015
An architecturally refined outdoor shower by MGS adds a sleek splash of style to this pool area.

Outdoor showers are becoming a popular way to keep beach and backyard sand and dirt out of the pool or house. There are systems for all budgets, from the hand-held garden hose to rain forest showers......(read more)

July 13, 2015
This Hudson Valley chandelier is inspired by the Sputnik satellite, and yet fits perfectly with the airy country-style decor of the room.

It is not unusual for our sense of style to expand as we see and learn more about history and design. In fact, our homes’ decor can be a showcase for new discoveries. Never be afraid to introduce something that you admire, and don’t worry about how it will fit in with what you already have . . . mixing modern with traditional or country is on trend today and will be for the foreseeable future......(read more)