Style And Comfort In The Bath

April 16, 2012
Vanico Maronyx
This progressive bathroom design specializes in features that pamper the senses.

There’s always lots to consider when designing a bathroom. Style is important, but realistically first thoughts should be about comfort and safety.

This is a practical room as well as a room to enjoy the personal pleasures of relaxing and soothing the mind and body. Fixtures and cladding materials must be durable and hygienic. Basic storage requires shelves and a cabinet. Whether you have the luxury of designing from scratch or are planning a small renovation to update your fixtures, there are excellent products available that offer both the practical necessities and stylish feel that will transform your bathroom into a sensational personal spa.
Clever manufacturers and designers take note of consumer trends and work together to improve their products in ways that will benefit the homeowner. If stand-alone tubs are popular, then how can they be improved? When more people are opting for showers, then the variety of shower nozzles and shower stalls increases proportionately.
I recently discovered a bathroom company at the Interior Design Show in Toronto whose innovative designs make sense on all levels, stylish, inviting and practical.
Vanico Maronyx ( designs and manufactures a stunning array of bathroom vessels and cabinetry. From their Sweet Home collection, the curvy bathtub first caught my eye. Its thin walls give the vessel a modern, sleek and lightweight profile, the edge is only one inch thick. Made with a resin cast, the tub is more highly insulated than tin or acrylic, which keeps the bath water warm longer. The wooden bath caddy can be mounted on the side or across the tub.
The cabinet that fits beside the tub is designed as a place to mount the faucets and hide plumbing as well as giving easy access to bath products. And what I find most appealing is the seat. That is a safe and comfortable place to get into the bath, and to perch with legs in or out of the water. To complete the picture, the floor mounted towel bar is portable.
The company also has tips for small bathrooms. Many of their designs, such as Soho, feature wall mounted cabinets leaving more floor space in view. You may not have gained inches, but it sure feels larger. Wall mounted vanities, sinks and faucets also add room. Slim vertical mirrors and slender cabinetry keep the eye moving up in this airy style.
For a sexy, dramatic style check out Eclipse; the mirrors are moon-shaped and special lighting effects let you set the mood. Nuova is an affordable option that features a magnificent polymer ultra-white sink that fits the length of the vanity. The dark wenge melamine cabinets have full-length, brushed aluminum handles that accentuates the sleek silhouettes. Tango and Classic Collections glow with the old world charm of heritage style shiny wood cabinetry, a fine furniture ambiance that is truly luxurious.
It’s exciting to explore the innovative ideas that come along. Do some dreaming, and then get creative by introducing a little of what’s new with what you already have. Install a new shower or bath, or change up the cabinets, even a chic mirror will add sparkle and a fresh start.