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February 20, 2017
The Everest cabinet series is a wonderful example of delightful and bold. You can create any style with paint; a Scandinavian-inspired dresser makes a lovely addition to a guest room. Step by steps: Tape off the insert panel with low-tack painter’s tape. Retape and paint the insert panel. Finish with a glaze coat applied with a dry brush.

Tips on how to paint furniture and an inspiring, colourful dresser from more)

June 13, 2016
A period style coffee table has been transformed with brightly striped panels and leather drawer pulls.

Bright stripes add modern chic to a period style coffee table from Grange this week…...(read more)

October 19, 2015
Barrymore Furniture’s William chairs are available in Marsala (a soft purple shade) or prints with attitude.

When buying accent seating, be sure to take if for a test-drive before buying, since looks and quality can be deceiving....(read more)