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June 19, 2017
Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and Waxes create a superb patina for this Asian inspired table.

Two Japanese inspired projects from Annie Sloan Paints Everything utilizing her signature Chalk Paint and Waxes this week …...(read more)

April 30, 2017
This living room was given a character boost with wide horizontal stripes on the walls, and metallic decoration added to the coffee table. #2 Use flexible masking tape to create the design. Apply metal leaf size to the curvy stripes. #5 Cover the tacky sized area with the leaf mixture, pressing down with your fingertips and a dry brush. #7. Seal with spray varnish. Score the edges along the tape with an Xacto knife, then lift the tape off carefully.

Tips and tricks with painter’s tape make painting stripes and squiggly designs easy; get inspired this week …...(read more)

January 29, 2017
Beauty shot: Saturated purple and sumptuous velvet are both trends this year that will add a luxurious component to your décor. Step by step: Place the rubber stamp under the right side of the velvet and press with an iron to produce a pattern.

I answer a reader’s query about the practicality of buying a blue velvet sofa, and show how to make a stamped velvet cushion …...(read more)